Prayer to Manannan Mac Lir

One of the most important duties of the modern druid is to be a Guardian to Mother Earth. I am very fortunate to live close to the beach, but it means that I see daily the impact humankind has on our oceans. This prayer was born out of my rage and “Weltschmerz” I feel when I see what we do to the environment. When our oceans die, we die. It is as simple as that.

Prayer to Manannan Mac Lir

Manannan Mac Lir

Hear your priestess’s call

Accept my offerings and

Give me strength to right the wrongs which are done

To the ocean and its creatures by humankind


Take my tears to cleanse the polluted water

Take my grief to create your mists and chase away the poachers

Take my rage to fuel your waves to sink the killer boats


Hear my oath while I lay on the wet sand

Watching the tides bring humanity’s garbage

Day in and day out

I will protect what is yours

By sea land and sky I swear.


Written by Nuin April 2018

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Women of the Mabinogion

Good essay about the ladies of the Mabinogion. I had the same feelings and experiences until I started working with Rhiannon and Blodeywedd.

Down the Forest Path

Here is the essay version of my presentation for Leaping Hare. I hope you enjoy it!

Women of the Mabinogion (Rhiannon and  Blodeuwedd)

rhiannon-boulet_susan_seddon-kb_ssb_rhiannon_2For the longest time I found myself unable to connect, or should I say, unwilling, to try to connect to the stories of the women in the Mabinogion. For those who don’t know what the Mabinogion is, it is a collection of the earliest prose stories of the literature of Britain. The stories were compiled in Middle Welsh in the 12th–13th centuries from earlier oral traditions. The two main source manuscripts were created c. 1350–1410, as well as a few earlier fragments. These stories offer drama, philosophy, romance, tragedy, fantasy and humour, and were created by various narrators over time. Scholars from the 18th century to the 1970s predominantly viewed the tales as fragmentary pre-Christian Celtic mythology. Today, we can appreciate the tales for the beautiful and…

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A Druid’s Meditation Primer

The Druid's Garden

In this time as the light is coming back into the world, the time surrounding Imbolc, I find myself often going deeply inward for healing and strength and turning towards meditation as a guide for spiritual balance.  This deep winter period is, of course, coming on the heels of the frenzied holiday season where many of us get burned out by the amount of hustle and bustle.  Further, many of the demands of modern living, particularly for those working wage-earning jobs, require us to move faster, be always “connected” and present with new technology, and have an increasingly fast stream of information pouring in and out of our heads. This can lead to long-term drain on the spirit. In this quiet time of the year, amidst the snows and frozen earth, various meditation techniques allow for rest, centering, and rejuvenation.

The quiet that nature provides... The quiet that nature provides…

Meditation offers us…

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Ancestral Longing and a Search for Home

Celtic Soul Craft

Click on the image above for full details and pricing of the retreat

A Spiritual Longing

Have you ever experienced a longing for a place you’ve never been? A place you might not be able to pinpoint on a map? A longing for a time that might well dwell within the mists of time?

Come join us on the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland retreat on the Isle of Eigg in May 2018. With a circle of like minded women we will hear the stories of the Ancestral Mothers, visit their sacred sites and connect to them with gestures of ritual & ceremony, creativity and art. You’ll leave with a deeper sense of your own Ancestral path and stronger roots to support you in the work you do in the world on a pilgrimage created to rewild your imagination!

Click above to take the free Ancestral Mothers of Scotland mini online course

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An Introduction to the Song of Amergin

Song of Amergin

Am Geath i m-Muir
I am wind on Sea

So begins the Song of Amairgen, the ancient mystical poem uttered by Amairgen Glanglun, the legendary bard, as he first stepped foot upon thelandofIreland, on the shores ofKenmareBay.

And while this blog is intended to cover wide and varied topics from contemporary Spiritual Care (chaplaincy), modern paganisms, and Celtic religion generally, I will – time and again – be returning to this beautiful, syntactically dense, mysterious poem as a source of connection, reflection and meaning making.

In case you’re asking yourself WTF – which is, of course, “Why the fuss?” right? – Here is a beautiful rendition of The Song, recited by Lisa Gerrard, of Dead Can Dance.

Am gaeth i m-muir,
Am tond trethan,
Am fuaim mara,
Am dam secht ndirend,
Am séig i n-aill,
Am dér gréne,
Am cain lubai,
Am torc ar gail,
Am he i l-lind,
Am loch i…

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Imbolc Advent 2017: First Sunday

Imbolc coming up early next month in the Southern Hemisphere ❤

Her Eternal Flame


Now the spark of the new year is lit in the twin wombs of the cosmos and our souls, and we enter the Imbolc Advent season, to hold space as the spark grows to a flame, readying itself to light the world, our hearths, and our hearts.  We step now onto the pilgrim’ path of the Turas, the Spirit-Journey, to make our way together to the Blessed Grove of Brighid, wherein is found Her Healing Well and Sacred Flame.  There, and along the way, we will renew our souls and our world.

Please join me here for these four Sundays leading up to Imbolc to open our souls and prepare the way for the return of Brighid at Imbolc, Mother of All Life, who renews the land with Her growing Light.  During these four Sundays, we will honor and engage with four aspects of the goddess Brighid in contemplative meditation…

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