Celtic Daily Wisdom: ‘Thin Places’

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Have you ever encountered a ‘thin place’?

Ancient Celts held the view, and latter-day ones, and others, still hold the view, that there exist places, times and events where the separation between here and the Other, that veil, that threshold to the spiritual realm, is unusually ‘thin’ and can be touched, encountered, felt, experienced. They called them ‘thin places, and they still exist today, and you can experience them.

In one sense, the ancient celts never ‘suffered’ with dualism as we do, and so it seems odd to speak of here and the Other. Perhaps, a way forward is to understand that that oneness always exists, but for us – never always aware, but knowing that we need to wake up again and again – we need to be aware of that unity, and that opportunity or re-awakening to oneness is for us, a ‘thin place’!

So, a ‘thin place’…

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New beginnings

How beautiful is this? Congratulations Pauline and Neil on your hand fasting.

Musings of a Scottish Hearth Druid

Yesterday was a full moon and the summer solstice.  It was also my wedding day.  Today I want to share the vows I made to my husband, Neil, with those friends and family who couldn’t be with us for a range of different reasons including our need to restrict numbers.

I, Pauline Claire, take you Neil, to be my husband in the eyes of the law and of all present here, seen and unseen.

There is nothing I want more than to share the rest of my life with you as my closest friend, my lover and my partner in all things.

I promise to share my worries and concerns with you, even the silly ones, openly and honestly. I promise to share my hopes and dreams with you.

I promise to do my best to always listen to your worries and concerns with an open heart. I promise to…

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Keeping Brigid after Imbolc

Interesting read 🙂 I have only started to feel a connection to Brighid fairly recently, despite being a Pagan all my life and I think the main reason for this was her neo-pagan “fluffiness” (that’s how I perceived it) and like the article says her being the Goddess “Du Jour”. Then I got involved in recon Druidry and really started to see her properly in all her complexity. I also found a healing prayer to her 2 years ago when one of my cats got sick and the rest is history.

Parting the Mists

Brigid before me,

Brigid beside me,

Brigid behind me.

I am under the shielding

Of good Brigid

Each day and each night.

This is my nightly prayer – though often said in my mind rather than with my mouth – as well as my charm of protection whenever the need arises for one.

This came to me many years ago after first reading “The Descent of Brigid,” based on verses in the Carmina Gadelica, as well as several other protective charms to the Irish goddess and saint called Brigid, Brigit, Brig, or Bride, depending on your preference. If you are unfamiliar with this deity, this article on The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids is a good place to catch up.

Many people remember Brigid at her February festival of Imbolc, which many of us celebrated last week. We make a Brigid’s cross or bed, maybe eat some dairy-based dishes, sing…

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Incense Recipies for Druids and those doing Druidic Studies

The Druid's Garden

Extruding Incense sticks Extruding Incense sticks

Incenses for Druids

The following recopies are most appropriate for druidic work, or those engaging in reading, study, grove leading, serious ritual work, or other work.  I also have posted an introduction to incense making as well as recipes for bards and ovates.

I suggest growing and/or wildharvesting as much of your ingredients as you possibly can (ethically, of course). This allows not only for more sustainable incense making, but also for you to work with the energies of the plants throughout the process.  See my previous post for more information. These recipes were created by myself and members of Crescent Birch Grove; some of them were adapted from other sources (as noted) and the rest are fully original creations.  I hope you enjoy!

Notes: Cone/stick incenses form a incense clay that you can then shape into cones, sticks, spirals etc.  They need about a week…

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