Keeping Brigid after Imbolc

Interesting read 🙂 I have only started to feel a connection to Brighid fairly recently, despite being a Pagan all my life and I think the main reason for this was her neo-pagan “fluffiness” (that’s how I perceived it) and like the article says her being the Goddess “Du Jour”. Then I got involved in recon Druidry and really started to see her properly in all her complexity. I also found a healing prayer to her 2 years ago when one of my cats got sick and the rest is history.

Parting the Mists

Brigid before me,

Brigid beside me,

Brigid behind me.

I am under the shielding

Of good Brigid

Each day and each night.

This is my nightly prayer – though often said in my mind rather than with my mouth – as well as my charm of protection whenever the need arises for one.

This came to me many years ago after first reading “The Descent of Brigid,” based on verses in the Carmina Gadelica, as well as several other protective charms to the Irish goddess and saint called Brigid, Brigit, Brig, or Bride, depending on your preference. If you are unfamiliar with this deity, this article on The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids is a good place to catch up.

Many people remember Brigid at her February festival of Imbolc, which many of us celebrated last week. We make a Brigid’s cross or bed, maybe eat some dairy-based dishes, sing…

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