Celtic Daily Wisdom: ‘Thin Places’

Tadhg Talks...

07 celtic dw pixabay

Have you ever encountered a ‘thin place’?

Ancient Celts held the view, and latter-day ones, and others, still hold the view, that there exist places, times and events where the separation between here and the Other, that veil, that threshold to the spiritual realm, is unusually ‘thin’ and can be touched, encountered, felt, experienced. They called them ‘thin places, and they still exist today, and you can experience them.

In one sense, the ancient celts never ‘suffered’ with dualism as we do, and so it seems odd to speak of here and the Other. Perhaps, a way forward is to understand that that oneness always exists, but for us – never always aware, but knowing that we need to wake up again and again – we need to be aware of that unity, and that opportunity or re-awakening to oneness is for us, a ‘thin place’!

So, a ‘thin place’…

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