Tree Resins from Eastern North America: Harvesting, Crafting, and Incense Making

Another great article about incense making by Danu. It gives me the idea to do a study on which indigenous trees could be used.

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Jack Pine Resin - Abundant and Amazing smelling! Jack Pine Resin – Abundant and Amazing smelling!  I harvested this locally.

Burning incenses, particularly the burning of tree resins, has been known throughout the millennia as a sacred activity. Incenses are offered to the spirits, the land, the gods, the ancestors as a way of seeking communion and blessing. Today, most people who are interested in “natural” incenses gravitate towards resin incenses for their lasting effect, delightful smells, and natural origins. Resin incenses are typically the dried sap from trees: trees may be scored or drip naturally and the sap hardens, creating the resin (like Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Copal).  Others might be dried liquid from trees or fruit (like Dragon’s blood). When you burn the resin on a charcoal block, you get billows of incredible, sweet smelling smoke. Tree resins have an extensive history certain parts of the world, and are often highly revered by the cultures that produce…

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My Imbolc Playlist

Great playlist for upcoming Imbolc.

Ozark Pagan Mamma

1. Dante’s Prayer – Loreena Mckennitt

2. Way to the Well – Ruth Barrett

3. The Wild Song – Anuna

4. Hallaig – Martyn Bennett

5. Shepherd Moons – Enya

6. Holy Water, Sacred Flame – Anne Hill

7. Candlemas Song (Bergita) – Lisa Thiel

8. Return to the Mother – Reclaiming and Friends

9. Born of Water – Lindie Lila

10. Shining Water – Anuna

11. The Quickening – Spiral Dance

12. The Hymn to Bridget – Isaac Bonewits Memorial

13. Song to Brighid – Lisa Thiel

14. Brighid – Kellianna

15. Eiri Na Greine – Anuna

16. Imbolc – Lisa Thiel

17. Welcome Brid – Beverly Frederick

18. The Dove’s Return – Aine Minogue

19. Gabhain Molta Bhride – Claire Roche

20. Deeper Well – Wailin’ Jennys

21. Brighid’s Kiss – La Lugh

Imbolc Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma

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Spiritual Practices to Finding Equilibrium in the Chaos: Grounding, and Flow through the Druid Elements

This is a beautiful article and so needed in this dark times.

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A tremendous amount of really difficult occurrences are happening in the world right now. It seems like the more time that passes, the more we balance on the edge. The edge of what exactly, nobody can say.  But the edge of something, and likely, not something any of us are looking forward to. Things seem to be spinning faster, and faster; the light growing darker and darker.  A lot of folks are having difficulty just coping with reading the news or even being on social media, the enormity of everything–social, political, environmental, personal–weighing down.  Responses to this range from rage and anger to numbness. There is a heaviness in the air that cannot be discounted.

A good place to seek the stability of calas A good place to seek the stability of calas

And so, many of us turn to spiritual practices as a way of helping make sense of it all, to find a way forward, finding a…

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